March, 2016 Update

We have been working on improving the quality of our Steelhead, Spey, Dee, Tube and Shank flies. Here are some recent ties. Please call for quotes.

Lady Grace






Purple feather wing


Olive Shank

Thunder and Lightning

Some Basic Flies

We tie all our own flies. We use the best materials available. We try to keep a few hundred dozen on hand. If you need to replicate an old pattern you can no longer find, bring it to us. As long as you have a sample or a recipe we can tie it. Salmon, Steelhead, saltwater, you name it, we’ve tied it. Our prices are comparable to other sources of high quality flies. We love to take custom orders, just remember that it may take an appropriate amount of time to fill large orders. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

We are currently tying Spey and Dee and tube flies for Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. Call for pricing and specific needs. All flies below were tied by me but credit is given to where I found the pattern.

Russian Intruders (SalmonFly.net)

Purple & Pink Intruder (Pattern by Jake Villwock/TCO)

Purple & Orange Intruder

Arctic Fox Zonker (Pattern from Eumer Tying Bench)

Steelhead Killer (Variation of Pattern From Eumer Tying Bench)

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