Floated the West Branch of the Delaware with friends Jim Tracy and Gary Bartell. Sulphers were hatching and fish were rising but tough. Tried numerous sulphers patterns with little luck. Few Olives on the water also. Flow was just above 500cfs, won’t run it at that level again. First run on that river.

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John Covey from Texas joined me for an evening fish. Typical last hour of light rise. Managed to take a few fish including this fellow. Thanks John!

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7/7/2012 Mohawk River Smallmouths

My good friend “Old Stew Brown” came to town for a trip down the Mohawk River. Had a great day, plenty of fish.

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6/21/12 Current Conditions

Last two nights the dry fly fishing really picked up. Had a 15 fish night Wednesday. That night we saw some Greendrakes, but none Thursday night. The river was 67 degrees Wednesday and 70 the next evening. Suppose to cool down a little next week. Enjoy the pictures.

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Eleuthera Bones

Just got back from The Bahamas. Once again, fishing with Ernie Dog, Pablo and Cheech. Had 6 full days of fishing. Rented a really nice house (photos to come)on Balara Bay. There were a few high points such as when a shark ate another shark 80 yds from me. The winner of that battle then swam within 20 yds of me. Also had a Cuda take a small Jack I had hooked. Had the Danielsson LW5 purring untill the hook pulled out of the Jack.

If you want a good saltwater reel but hate to shell out the buck$ for a Tibor, take a look at Danielsson, sweet reels, good company.

Well here are some shots, hope you enjoy. More to come, about 290 pictures were taken by the end of the trip. The Bahamas are a cheap Bonefish destination if you do it right. Call me if you want info. I’ll be going back.

Here are some vistas for your enjoyment!

And finally my last upload. Before we leave the topic of Eluethera, I must say that the Bahamians are great people and you feel right at home as soon as you land. You want to forget all the stress related with trying to survive in the states, visit Eluethera! Relax,enjoy the sun, sand, and surf! It’s how life is suppose to be.

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6/3/12 Current Conditions

Been fishing with the Luppino boys (Matt, John) a lot this spring. Quick photo of John on the West Canada. John and I had a great night last Thursday, caught 3 fish in the 16″+ range. Off to Eluethera, Bahamas for a week of Bone fishing. Hopefully great photos to follow.

Good evening dry fly fishing right now. Catching fish on PED emergers, March Brown emergers, Rusty Spinners, small Cahills, and PEDs.

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3/25/2012 Spey Rod Steelhead

Third Sunday in a row we have fished Salmon River. As posted earlier the first trip we saw no fish. On the 18th we saw spawning fish in the side channels and active fish in the main channel. Got there about 1:30, overcast with light drizzle, temps in the upper 40’s.

My friend Wayne caught his first Steelhead, congratulations Wayne! I got my first Steelhead on a two handed rod. Caught it on a Red and Purple Russian Intruder (see fly page). Took my all my Skagit head, running line, and quite a bit of backing. Nothing but fun. Took a lot of cast to finally hear that Spey Co reel sing. All in all we hooked six and landed two.

The water is still cold, only 42 degrees. Flows were approximately 1,500 cfs. Should keep getting better as things warm up. The fish we caught were both spawned out hens.

Learning a lot about Spey and tube flies by fishing them. By the way, I deyed all the Arctic Fox, schlappen, Guinea Fowl, Golden Pheasant, and Amherst Pheasant seen in the Steelhead flies on the fly page. Learning a lot about dying fur and feathers. Have questions on dying, shoot me an e-mail.

Wayne's first Steelhead

Spey Rod Steedlhead

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Salmon River

Fished Salmon River on Sunday 3/11. Quite a few guys in Altamar. Spoke with one fisherman in the parking lot who indicated he had seen several fish caught that morning. Also it was reported that there a good number of fish in the river and some fish have already spawned.

I went to the Route 2A Bridge and fished for 3/4 of a mile downstream. Only a fwe fisherman in this area. Most of the fish were probly further up-river. Did not hook any fish nor see any fish hooked. I was fishing a Spey Rod, Tube Flies and Spey strip wings. I am in hopes as more fish drop back and become aggressive, the Spey Rod will bend. Will be back on the Salmon soon.

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Went out to Minnesota for the spectacular  Pan fishing. Hope you enjoy more photos of Pablo, Cheech and Ernie Dog.

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September 2, 2011

Have been fly fishing the West Canada but fishing has not been great. The Ephoron leukons (White Flies) have been hatching, but the rise has been better on the lower stretches (Kast Bridge) of the river then where we have been fishing. There have been a lot of small and medium sized yellow stone flies  around in the evenings, which the trout have ignored. Tonight there were thousands of very large dark spinners, which did not motivate the trout either. We caught fish, but it should have been much better.

Last Saturday we fished the Mohawk for Smallmouth bass. The Canal Corp was dumping water from Hinckley Reservoir, so below the confluence with the West Canada  the river was quite high. Caught a few nice fish but it would have been great with lower water.

Chris Lucidi with a nice fish.

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