Northern Minnesota

As always, we will be on the Cape the end of May, a little later then last year. Also in June we will head into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, within Superior National Forest. It looks like an awesome adventure.

Also, we have compiled our Federal Permit Application for the Upper Delaware. So we will be offering floats on the Main stem below Deposit. We will be offering some LOW rate trips as an introductory offer.

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NavBros, again!

The boys came to town at the end of September. Were able to fish the Mohawk and also took a quick hike into Bear Lake off the McKeever Truck Trail. Camped at the scribe fit lean-to there that I helped Lean-to Rescue erect several years ago. Always wanted to camp there so that was an item off the bucket list, not getting any younger. Camped out on our bow hunting property and enjoyed the “Blood Moon” eclipse. Caught some Small Mouth Bass, but only caught some pan fish in Bear Lake, no trout. All in all, it was just another great adventure with the Navbros. Photos Courtesy of E Dog.

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Great Exuma, WOW

In October Amy and I went to Great Exuma for our twentieth anniversary. Sneaked in two days of fishing with “JJ” Allen Dames. “JJ” is the two time Bahamian Champion bone fisherman, and a great guide. Very pleasant fellows.

The flats habitat was much more expansive then what we have seen on Eleuthera. There where a lot of Bones, and tons of Lemon Sharks. Once again my attempts to hook a shark failed. They seem so keyed in on the Bones that my large red flies were of no interest to them. However I did have a Lemon Shark take a Bone from the end of my line, very exciting.There were large schools of 7-8 pound bones, and they were eager to bite. Had good luck on epoxy crabs and Gotchas. The fishing was great and I hope to return. Did not have time to explore the way I would have liked to, but hopefully on a return trip we can explore some different flats.

We will be on the Cape last week of May for the Striper return and hopefully will a great adventure to report on. Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

Snowy Egret

On the bowNice one



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The Outer Cape, what a marvelous resource!

Thank god somebody had the foresight to create the Cape Cod National Seashore. The more I visit, the more I love it.

Well we had quite a crew on the beach this year, 10 of us in total. The The Luppino crew grew with the addition of Joe, we added the Doyle boys, my old Buddy Stew Brown, Paul (Pablo) Frolek, one of the Navbros, our local Fisheries Biologist Dave Erway, and last but not least, my good Buddy Jonathan Russell (JR) another DEC Biologist.

Unlike last year when we had to wait for the fish, they welcomed us as soon as we stepped onto the beach. I don’t believe we ever went out and did not catch a fish. The timing of the tides was such that we got to fish 3 tide changes during daylight hours. Got up early fished the last of the rising, big breakfast, then fish the falling tide. Back to the house for some wild dinners, then fish the rising tide into darkness. As always we added some new spot to our knowledge base, this year we hit Nauset Beach and Ballston Beach. Ballston is a very pretty spot. Of all the places we fished, Race Point was very kind to us as it was last year.

The Sand Eels were plentiful and P-Town Harbor was full of them. Small Clousers were just the ticket to imitate them. Olives and chartreuse with some white did the trick. I am stubborn though and stick with my Ken Abrames patterns. We must have caught well over 200 Stripers in five days. The lads had quite a bit of fun and there were a lot of first, first Striper, first Striper on a Fly rod, first time fly fishing the salt. Even a wish off “the bucket list” for one lad (some of us are getting up there in age). We got pounded by the surf some days but loved every soggy moment of it. I believe at least one hard core saltwater fly fisherman was born (Jeff)!

Well enough with the chatter, enjoy the photos. Photo credits to Dave Erway, and Jeff Doyle and John Luppino. Off to Minnesota for some panfish, more to come!


























Pablo,Joe, John, Matt, Pat, Stew, Jonathan, Dave, Jeff, Jim

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Magnificent Cape Cod – May 2014

After hiatus of many years I was able to but together a trip to the Cape. My baptism to saltwater fly fishing was at the Cape many years ago. I started fishing there with my good friends Meeka Wojnilo and Jeff Marchese. Unfortunately our spring ritual faded with the passing of years and the death of our dear friend Jeff.

But 2014 was the year the ritual was reborn. We had a very cold winter in 2014 and the northern migration of the fish was slow. We were watching the ocean temperatures and hoping the water temps would climb above the 50 degree mark. The first few days of fishing we couldn’t find the fish and thought we were too early due to the water temps. But on the 4th day the schoolies should in massive numbers and were in a feeding frenzy. We had two days of that special fishing that you wish for but seldom happens. The lads sure enjoyed themselves.
The 2015 expeditions has already been planned and a significant number of fishermen are going. We have secured a vary beautiful beach house to shelter the large group and I’m sure it will be a wonderful time.

I wanted to share some great photos the group took, many are attributed to the camera work of John Luppino. Hope you enjoy!

Bent Rod

Lads on the beach

Matt with a nice one

In the Spray



Johny and I

Boys on the beach


Small one


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Eleuthera Again

I have neglected this site for way too long. 2014 was a very big year. Spring started off with a run out to Cape Cod, more on that later. But in June it was off to Eleuthera, Bahamas again with … Continue reading

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Salmon River 10/7

Made my second trip to Salmon River yesterday. The first time up was in early September. The river was low, as it still is, but there were plenty of fish. Plenty of snaggers also! We were able to find an uncrowded pool where we could swing flies with our Spey Rods. There was an extremely long riffle below us and from our position we could watch three younger men though there were several people below them. They spent 8 hours unabashedly snagging every fish that tried to make it upstream.

Although I have fished Salmon River for over thirty years ago, I still don’t see the fascination with the whole snagging ethic. It takes no skill! Most of the fished hooked are broken off. It amazes me that men I know that proclaim to be fly fishermen, Spey rodders no less, partake in this activity. It shows a lack of respect for the resource. It also shows the State of New York’s ineptness in curtailing this practice. I have fished Michigan, home of the original snaggers, and did not see such activity. Maybe it still goes on but I did not see it. Sad, but it seems there is just too much money involved for this fishery to ever change.

Yesterday I fished a pay to fish area only to see the same such activity (much sutler), and lack of respect for other fishermen. The snaggers were all tossing weight, spooking the fish, and making extremely difficult to fish in a more sporting manner.

Enough of the rant, here’s my buddy Wayne with a King caught legitimately on a Spey rod. You can catch these fish by FISHING!!!!!!!!

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Fall is Here

Been busy filling fly orders. Thought I’d post some Salmon/Steelhead Flies for your enjoyment. The West Canada is fishing well in the evening. Plan to get up to Salmon River this week. Stay tuned.

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August 26, 2012

James Dixon and his friend Kelly joined me for a morning fish. The Ephoron luekons (White Flies) have been hatching at dusk so the fish were not cooperative at all in the AM. River is very low as are all NY Rivers due to the lack of rain. It is actually September 9th as I write this. The water temp has dropped considerably and the fish are rising well in the evening. The Salmon have started to enter Salmon River but it is extremely low (185 cfs). We need significant rain! Hope it comes soon.

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Spey Nation 7/14/2012

Spent the weekend at Spey Nation in Pineville. Was a great event, great raffle. Took a casting lesson with Peter Charles which really got my two-handed casting headed in the right direction. Read the books but a little tutoring from a great caster is invaluable. Few pictures to post. Those of you that are into Spey will recognize some faces.

If you want to improve your Spey Casting, book a lesson with Peter at the next Spey Nation.

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