“Our McKenzie River Drift Boat”

For twenty years I talked about building a drift boat. Finally I decided to quit talking and start doing so in the spring of 2009 I called Sanderson and Randy Dersham at McKenzie River Drift Boat. I ordered their 15.5 kit upgraded to Meranti plywood. This was my first attempt at boat building and it took about ten times longer than it should have. I started that spring, worked through the summer, quit at the start of bow season (another passion) and finished it the next spring.

Randy manages the “Wooden Boat People” web site where you get all your construction questions answered. Great site with quite the photo gallery. I’m sure you would enjoy it. Check it out!

Our boat is all wood and is a labor of love, so No Studded Wading Shoes Allowed! Sorry no exceptions.


2 Responses to “Our McKenzie River Drift Boat”

  1. Dave Clayton says:

    Pat, thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. Your information about kayaking on the Mohawk & will undoubtably prove helpful for this spring. The drift boat is beautiful Wooden Boat Magazine quality. your flies works or art.
    Thanks again. Dave Clayton

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