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Our physical location is described on our home page. We can be reached by phone at (315) 985-8163. There is voice mail, just leave your number and a message and we will return your call! My e-mail is pclearey@roadrunner.com. I check my e-mail most every day.

Float trips of any length will have to be on weekends or holidays as I have a “real job” unfortunately. Special arrangements on dates may be possible. Floating the West Canada is $150 for one person and $225 for two. We will provide flies, drinks, and lunch as needed. You will have to help with the shuttling of vehicles between put in and take out. We start most trips in the no-kill section near Cincinnati Creek and float to the Village of Poland or below. We will also be floating the Delaware systems and other rivers as we put the new boat through her paces and learn the river’s launch sites. Rates will be set as things progress.



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  1. Eric Jensen says:

    I checked out that speyco.net website and watched some of their videos. Those 13 footers are crazy rods. It was really good talking to you this morning. Hope that you and Amy have a great Christmas!!


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