Great Exuma, WOW

In October Amy and I went to Great Exuma for our twentieth anniversary. Sneaked in two days of fishing with “JJ” Allen Dames. “JJ” is the two time Bahamian Champion bone fisherman, and a great guide. Very pleasant fellows.

The flats habitat was much more expansive then what we have seen on Eleuthera. There where a lot of Bones, and tons of Lemon Sharks. Once again my attempts to hook a shark failed. They seem so keyed in on the Bones that my large red flies were of no interest to them. However I did have a Lemon Shark take a Bone from the end of my line, very exciting.There were large schools of 7-8 pound bones, and they were eager to bite. Had good luck on epoxy crabs and Gotchas. The fishing was great and I hope to return. Did not have time to explore the way I would have liked to, but hopefully on a return trip we can explore some different flats.

We will be on the Cape last week of May for the Striper return and hopefully will a great adventure to report on. Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

Snowy Egret

On the bowNice one



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