Magnificent Cape Cod – May 2014

After hiatus of many years I was able to but together a trip to the Cape. My baptism to saltwater fly fishing was at the Cape many years ago. I started fishing there with my good friends Meeka Wojnilo and Jeff Marchese. Unfortunately our spring ritual faded with the passing of years and the death of our dear friend Jeff.

But 2014 was the year the ritual was reborn. We had a very cold winter in 2014 and the northern migration of the fish was slow. We were watching the ocean temperatures and hoping the water temps would climb above the 50 degree mark. The first few days of fishing we couldn’t find the fish and thought we were too early due to the water temps. But on the 4th day the schoolies should in massive numbers and were in a feeding frenzy. We had two days of that special fishing that you wish for but seldom happens. The lads sure enjoyed themselves.
The 2015 expeditions has already been planned and a significant number of fishermen are going. We have secured a vary beautiful beach house to shelter the large group and I’m sure it will be a wonderful time.

I wanted to share some great photos the group took, many are attributed to the camera work of John Luppino. Hope you enjoy!

Bent Rod

Lads on the beach

Matt with a nice one

In the Spray



Johny and I

Boys on the beach


Small one


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