Eleuthera Again

I have neglected this site for way too long. 2014 was a very big year. Spring started off with a run out to Cape Cod, more on that later. But in June it was off to Eleuthera, Bahamas again with the NavBros. Unfortunately the flats fishing was extremely slow. I do not pretend to be an expert on flats fishing by any means, but the only conclusion I could draw was that the flats were just simply too warm. They were a consistent 85 degrees. We did see numerous juvenile Bonefish on the flats, but there was only one day that I saw a few small schools of targetable fish. This was in a spring (blue hole) fed creek and mangrove swamp system. An extremely fertile area with rays and turtles constantly floating past on the tide. But that day the system was loaded with sharks, numerous six footer. I believe most of them were Nurse sharks (see photos). Regardless of the type of shark they certainly seemedd to make the bones nerves. The sharks showed up the same time as the Bones,  which shortly scurried into the Mangroves not to be seen again.

But the trip was not measured by numbers on the flats. We had a great day blue water fishing with our Captain Sydney. I was extremely impressed with Sydney, he took great measures to see that we had a great time while on the boat, but also took time to show us a flat that he had grown up on. He went way out of his way to see we got to do and enjoy what we had come there for. We had a marvelous day on the boat catching numerous Barracudas and Mackerel. The Bahamians, nicest people you’ll ever meet.


Unfortunately the Mahi Mahi were not biting the day we went out but the next day they were. When some of the lads returned from a dive trip they were able acquire a few fish for the table.

We always try to interact with resident population as much as possible. We spent two nights at a conch festival, which was great fun. The Bahamians seem to be constantly listening to “Conciuos Reggea”. Having lived in the Caribbean in the mid-1970s, I too feel a connection to this music. Saltwater Flats, blue water, Conch, Kalik, fly rods and Reggae, what more could a man want?

If you spent any time on this site the NabBros are familiar. This trip brought and old friend back into the fold. Our buddy Walt Liggett joined us on our second Eleuthera adventure. Was great to fish with Walt, whom has a true desire to learn the art of saltwater fly fishing. I must also mention or new friend Ruth who is actually a Jamaican transplant to the Bahamas. She made sure our bellies were full and our temporary home was tidy. Both are onerous task when the NavBros are involved.

All in all it was a great trip, with too many adventures to describe here. Enough yapping, here are some photos for you entertainment. One last note, I’ll be fishing Great Exuma in October, stay tuned.

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