Eleuthera Bones

Just got back from The Bahamas. Once again, fishing with Ernie Dog, Pablo and Cheech. Had 6 full days of fishing. Rented a really nice house (photos to come)on Balara Bay. There were a few high points such as when a shark ate another shark 80 yds from me. The winner of that battle then swam within 20 yds of me. Also had a Cuda take a small Jack I had hooked. Had the Danielsson LW5 purring untill the hook pulled out of the Jack.

If you want a good saltwater reel but hate to shell out the buck$ for a Tibor, take a look at Danielsson, sweet reels, good company.

Well here are some shots, hope you enjoy. More to come, about 290 pictures were taken by the end of the trip. The Bahamas are a cheap Bonefish destination if you do it right. Call me if you want info. I’ll be going back.

Here are some vistas for your enjoyment!

And finally my last upload. Before we leave the topic of Eluethera, I must say that the Bahamians are great people and you feel right at home as soon as you land. You want to forget all the stress related with trying to survive in the states, visit Eluethera! Relax,enjoy the sun, sand, and surf! It’s how life is suppose to be.

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  1. Ernie Castellano says:

    Pat, (Pup)
    Thanks for a great fishing experience in Eleuthera. Your guidence and expertise was invaluable. The Flats of Eleuthera were just as you described. I am now hooked on fly fishing. Thanks again bro.
    Ernie Castellano

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