3/25/2012 Spey Rod Steelhead

Third Sunday in a row we have fished Salmon River. As posted earlier the first trip we saw no fish. On the 18th we saw spawning fish in the side channels and active fish in the main channel. Got there about 1:30, overcast with light drizzle, temps in the upper 40’s.

My friend Wayne caught his first Steelhead, congratulations Wayne! I got my first Steelhead on a two handed rod. Caught it on a Red and Purple Russian Intruder (see fly page). Took my all my Skagit head, running line, and quite a bit of backing. Nothing but fun. Took a lot of cast to finally hear that Spey Co reel sing. All in all we hooked six and landed two.

The water is still cold, only 42 degrees. Flows were approximately 1,500 cfs. Should keep getting better as things warm up. The fish we caught were both spawned out hens.

Learning a lot about Spey and tube flies by fishing them. By the way, I deyed all the Arctic Fox, schlappen, Guinea Fowl, Golden Pheasant, and Amherst Pheasant seen in the Steelhead flies on the fly page. Learning a lot about dying fur and feathers. Have questions on dying, shoot me an e-mail.

Wayne's first Steelhead

Spey Rod Steedlhead

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