September 2, 2011

Have been fly fishing the West Canada but fishing has not been great. The Ephoron leukons (White Flies) have been hatching, but the rise has been better on the lower stretches (Kast Bridge) of the river then where we have been fishing. There have been a lot of small and medium sized yellow stone flies  around in the evenings, which the trout have ignored. Tonight there were thousands of very large dark spinners, which did not motivate the trout either. We caught fish, but it should have been much better.

Last Saturday we fished the Mohawk for Smallmouth bass. The Canal Corp was dumping water from Hinckley Reservoir, so below the confluence with the West Canada  the river was quite high. Caught a few nice fish but it would have been great with lower water.

Chris Lucidi with a nice fish.

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