May 12th-15th

My dear friends from my Navy days were here from the 12th-15th for some Turks and Trout. The Turkeys were silent but we manged to catch some Browns. The one photo of the trout in my lap was a real nice 16″-17″ heavy fish caught in the “No-Kill” by my good friend Ernie Castellano. Unfortunately we didn’t get a good picture because it was trying to flop all over the boat, we just had to get it back in the water. Paul, Ernie and I drifted 8 miles of the West Canada. The flow was probably around 1,200cfs. Smiling Eddie showed up a couple days later and we caught some fish in Middleville. The flow is back up with the recent rains. Too high to wade. Will keep you posted, when the flows go back down the surface activity should start in earnest. Will get some water temp up soon.



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  1. Little Johnny S. says:

    Congrats, buddy, on the business and the new website. The driftboat is a work of art. Haven’t fished for trout yet but have put the hammer on big bluegills with the 3 weight. What a blast. Hurry up and get retired so we can go anytime we like.

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